Boutique Language Services Provider specialising in 
Translation, Localisation, and Transcreation into Central and Eastern-European Languages.

Experts in Fully Managed Complex Multi-Lingual Projects for LSPs and MLVs

We love living in the Global world, where people are connected and our beloved brands are present everywhere. But we also understand the importance of "living locally", having your own small universe and a place under the Sun. Having your own local flavour. 

We are working to preserve this culture, 
the cultural values and the heritage of the World, 
one language at a time. 


Technical, IT, Life Science, Marketing and Legal material into into CEE languages:

We help our customers' brands become internationally known. As a language partner Your success is our mission. 


Adapting Your software, content and marketing material to fit your customer's target language: 

Established companies gain from our expertise. We will help you produce content that has a local "feeling".


If you are Expanding Globally you need your material to be translated to other languages:

We offer solutions from Central and Eastern European to other Languages. The World is your playfield now.



We are eager to learn new things, and explore new possibilities, all of which are aimed towards better serving our Clients, and solving their problems.

This is why we are constantly learning from our peers, our customers, and this is why we are members of many industry associations, such as the Association of Professional Language Service Providers in Hungary, the European Language Industry Association (EU), and the Association of  Language Companies (USA).

Other Services Our Customers
Trust Us With


Single point of contact for Complex Multilanguage Projects 

We have 20 years of experience organizing, coordinating and managing translation projects for our customers. 


Objective, unbiased opinion or just a small tweak to perfection

Sometimes even the best translations need a 3rd, 4th pair of eyes. We miss no detail, and leave no stone unturned.


We live and breath the CEE market, 24/7

Our consulting services will help you have a pragmatic approach to Central and Eastern Europe expansion.  


Our Company in Numbers


Years since A.G.E. was established. And counting. We have been in this business for a long time, and have seen a lot. Several times.

Get the advantage over your competitors and benefit from our experience. We are here to listen and help. 


Number of hours spent in project management, consultancy, review, and other miscellaneous activities related to our industry.

Your project's success is our most important mission. We have the right tools for projects of any size.


Approximate number of projects we do monthly. We specialise in multilingual continuous localisation, done with teams of translators.

Whether You translate to one or to several languages we are your convenient and fast single point of contact.


Number of Fortune 500 companies we have been working together in the past years. Either directly or through our network of LSPs.

For your best experience, we use all the knowledge we gain from multinational companies.


A.G.E. is a Boutique Language Services Provider specialising in Translation, Localisation and Transcreation into Central and Eastern European Languages. We specialise in fully managed complex projects for bigger Language Service Providers.


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