When someone asks you about your company, what do you say? Do you have a clear message that immediately resonates with people? Can you tell them one sentence that will explain all the benefits of the solutions your company creates? I bet you can do that! 

But what if that question was in a language you don't speak? What if your confidence is a bit shaken up? What if you can't say with 100% certainty that the right message will meet the right people?

Then you might need a little help. And that is exactly what we do.

We help companies and their brands create awareness, send the right message, and enter the CEE Market


People sometimes think that the Central and Eastern Europe region is small and insignificant. They think brands don't belong here. Don't need a global presence here. We think those people should be your competitors.

And you and your company, you are destined to be ahead. And with our help, you will open the doors to a completely fresh market of 121M potential buyers.

We understand that requests from clients today need focus, speed, and surgical precision. This is what we specialise in. Quality is important, hence guaranteed, but it's only one of the specialties we can offer.

  • You need something done fast? We can do it.
  • You need four levels of quality check? We can do it.
  • You need 16 languages and one single point of contact? We can do it. 
  • You need three different types of review and don't want to bother with organizing them all on your own? Yes, we can do it!

A.G.E. in Numbers


Established in 1991 this is the number of Years the Company has been in Translation and Localization Business.


Number of Countries we do projects in with freelancers or partner companies on a daily basis.


Number of words we translated through the Years can only be measured in millions. And millions.


Number of formal complaints by Clients because of wrong delivery or dissatisfaction with our services.


If you have special projects, special processes and demands, A.G.E. is the right partner for you. Powered by MiniTPMS we can adapt our internal "under-the-hood" tasks to fit the need of any company requiring translation, localization, globalization services.

If you are looking just for "the best quality translation for the cheapest price" then we might not be the best company to cooperate with you. 

But if you are looking for speed, accuracy, and reliability, then we should talk.

Contact us directly by clicking here.

Company Data:
A.G.E. Szolgáltató Bt.
Hungary, 1153 Budapest
Eötvös utca 75
EU VAT: HU21621604