We live in a fast world. Rapidly changing. Ever evolving. And we are happy about it. Because our aim is to combine the modern technology, with the rising demand of producing content in a fast and scalable way. 

Our aim is to help our Clients deliver the best quality in less time. And that is exactly what we do.

Our Clients understand the necessity of having a reliable language partner for their needs. Combine that with a pro-active approach to project management, technology, automation, and linguistic excellence, and you have a winning team. 

Our promise is consistency in quality, delivery and communication with our clients. Almost 24/7.

We will help you and your brands to create awareness and bring the right message to the the CEE Market.


As your language partner or provider, we will work on helping you and your customers establish their voice, their brands and services in the Central and Eastern Europe region. We will help with cultural adaptation of your messages to the languages of our region. We will use our experience to give it the right tone, while still following your standards, style guides and instructions.

Our team is made of people who understand the needs and the wants of our customers. And we are doing this with devotion.

We understand that today even the smallest requests from our clients need focus, speed, and surgical precision. This is what we specialise in. Same Quality. Faster Execution.

  • You need something done fast? That is what we do.
  • You need multiple levels of quality check? That is what we do.
  • You have a multilingual project but want one single point of contact? That is what we do. 
  • You need a Quality Assurance partner, specialised Reviewer team? That is what we do

A.G.E. in Numbers


Years Working as a Regional Language Service Provider for the CEE region. This guarantees just the right amount of experience for complex projects.


Countries in Central and Eastern Europe, in which our partners and peers operate, and cooperate. The joy of joined forces on complex multilingual projects is projected to our clients as well.


Number of words we translate each year is measured in millions. For many major brands present in the CEE, one way or another we were involved in the language process.


Number of formal complaints by our clients because of wrong delivery or dissatisfaction with our services. We guarantee professional approach to established quality metrics.


If you have special projects, special processes and demands, A.G.E. is the right partner for you. Powered by our proprietary technology which helps our in-house team of Project Management, automation, HR and Finance departments, we can adapt our internal "under-the-hood" tasks to fit the needs of any company requiring language services. Our core business is translation, localisation, and globalisation services, but the list of tasks done for our clients is much longer.

Those looking for "the best quality translation at the cheapest price" might not be the best partners for us. 

Our clients are companies looking for speed, accuracy, and reliability. If You are a representatve of one of these companies, then we should definitely talk. 

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Our Company Data:
A.G.E. Szolgáltató Bt.
Hungary, 1153 Budapest
Eötvös utca 75
EU VAT: HU21621604